Steamed Momo : Steamed Dumplings filled with Ground Chicken, Mutton or Veggies* and Spring Onion, Tomato, Cilantro, and Himalayan Herbs.

Chicken Momo: $12.99

Mutton Momo (with a hint of turmeric): $13.99

Veggie* Momo: $12.99

(*Veggie: Cabbage, Soy Chunks, Tofu, Cauliflower, and Carrots)

Paneer Momo: $13.99

Kothey MOMO
Steamed momo sautéed in vegetable oil giving it exciting crispy texture and taste. Just $2 more!

Fried MOMO

Steamed momo Fried in vegetable oil giving it exciting crispy texture and taste.

Just $2 more!

Steamed dumplings dunked in sichuan pepper spiced roasted tomato sauce. Just $2 more!
Chili MOMO
Steamed momo sautéed with bell pepper, chili, onion, soy sauce, and green cilantro. Just $3 more!
Grill Sizzler MOMO
Steamed momo fried, served on a sizzling plate with noodles, garnished with cabbage, onion, bell pepper. Just $3 more!

Vegetarian tandoori options for the herbivores in our lives,  Marinated in garlic, ginger, lemon and served with sauteed veggies in a sizzling plate.

Paneer Tandoori Sizzler: $16.99

Tofu Tandoori Sizzler: $15.99

Grill Chicken Sizzler: $18.99

Grill Veggie Sizzler: $17.99

Your protein of choice wrapped in a tortilla with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, carrots, tahini, feta cheese, served with yogurt, harissa sauce, and fries.

Falafel Wrap: $13.99
Paneer Wrap: $15.99
Chicken Wrap: $15.99

Your protein of choice served with pita bread or rice, and hummus, avocado along with a
fresh spring salad. Served with rice or pita bread, yogurt, and harissa sauce
Falafel Plate: $14.99
Chicken Plate: $16.99
Panner Plate: $16.99

Meat, tofu, and paneer marinated in our Mediterranean/Himalayan spice blend with
tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, and zucchini grilled.
Chicken Kebab: $16.99
Basil Pesto Chicken Kebab: $16.99
Lamb Kebab: $19.99
Tofu Kebab: $15.99
Paneer Kebab: $17.99
Salmon Kebab: $22.99
Shrimp Kebab: $22.99
Kebabs are served with salad, yogurt, harissa sauce, and choice of pita bread or rice.

Protein of choice mixed with green chili, garlic, onion, ginger, fenugreek, bell pepper, and
lemon juice.
Chicken Chhoila: $16.99
Mutton Chhoila: $18.99
Mushroom Chhoila: $16.99
Paneer Chhoila: $17.99

Meat marinated in garlic, ginger, lemon, Himalayan herbs, finished in a clay oven.
Chicken Sekuwa: $16.99
Mutton Sekuwa: $18.99
Paneer Sekuwa: $17.99
Fish Sekuwa: $18.99
Chicken Tikka (Breast Piece): $16.99
Chicken Tandoori (Leg Quarter): $16.99

Chicken Momo Kwati Soup: $13.99
Sprouted 9 bean soup with 5 chicken momo.
Veggie Momo Kwati Soup: $13.99
Sprouted 9 bean soup with 5 veggie momo.
Paneer Momo Kwati Soup: $13.99
Sprouted 9 bean soup with 5 Paneer momo.
Mutton Momo Kwati Soup: $13.99
Sprouted 9 bean soup with 5 Mutton momo.

Chicken Salad: $13.99
Grilled chicken breast with cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, lettuce, cucumber, avocados,
and feta cheese, dressed in homemade honey mustard.
Greek Salad: $12.99
Onion, bell paper, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, feta cheese, dressed with lemon

A classic Himalayan hand-pulled noodles soup (Thukpa) made with fragrant herbs and
spices, a soup that will truly warm your soul.
Veggie Thenthuk: $12.99
Chicken Thenthuk: $14.99
Eggs Thenthuk: $13.99
Mixed Thenthuk (Egg and chicken): $15.99
Shrimp Thenthuk: $17.99

Aloo Gobi: $15.99
Cauliflower and potato seasoned with spices, a timeless classic.
Chana Masala: $15.99
Chickpeas seasoned with spices, a timeless classic.
Navaratna Korma (Nine gems): $15.99
Mughlai dish cooked with coconut milk and nine different vegetables.
Saag Paneer or Tofu: $15.99
Paneer or tofu dunked in a thick paste of pureed spinach and cooked with ginger, garlic, and
Paneer Tikka Masala: $16.99
Oven grilled paneer cooked in creamy sauce
Mushroom Curry: $16.99
Oyster Mushroom cooked in creamy sauce
Fish Curry: $18.99
Fresh fish cooked in our home-made curry sauce.
Lamb Curry: $18.99
Boneless Lamb cooked in our home-made curry sauce
Salmon Fish Curry: $20.99
Salmon fish cooked in our home-made curry sauce.
Shrimp curry Masala: 19.99
Shrimp cooked in our home-made creamy curry sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala: $16.99
Oven grilled boneless breast meat cooked in creamy sauce.
Butter Chicken: $16.99
Tender but leisurely marinated chunks of chicken cooked in a deep, rich gravy of fresh
cream, butter, tomato, and Himalayan spices.
Nepalese Chicken Curry: $16.99
Traditional Himalayan herbs and spices with chicken slow cooked to perfection.
Nepalese Goat Curry: $18.99
Traditional Himalayan herbs and spices with fresh goat meat slow cooked to perfection.
Lamb Shank in Gravy Sauce: $20.99
Slow cooked lamb shank until falls off the bone tenderness with a rich flavorful sauce.

Yellow Dal Tadaka: $11.99
Yellow lentils seasoned with spices.
Daal Makhani: $13.99
Traditional lentils seasoned with spices.

Freshly baked eggless wheat flatbread in a
tandoor oven.

Plain Naan: $3.99

Garlic Naan: $4.99

Butter Naan: $4.99

Cheese Naan: $4.99

Roti: $3.99

Bowl of Rice: $4.50

Stir-fried wheat noodles cooked in a wok with seasonal vegetables, Himalayan herbs, and
Chicken Chow Mein: $14.99
Egg Chow Mein: $13.99
Vegetable Chow Mein: $13.99
Mixed Chow Mein: (Egg and chicken) $15.99
Shrimp Chow Mein: $17.99

Fried rice with fresh mixed vegetables, spring onion and cilantro. Pick your protein below.
Veggie Fried Rice: $13.99
Egg Fried Rice: $14.99
Chicken Fried Rice: $14.99
Mixed Fried Rice: (Egg and chicken) $15.99
Shrimp Fried Rice: $17.99

Chicken Chili: $16.99
Breaded chicken tossed in our signature chili sauce.
Paneer Chili: $17.99
Breaded paneer tossed in our signature chili sauce.
Shrimp Chili: $18.99
Breaded Shrimp tossed in our signature chili sauce.
Potato Chili: $14.99
Breaded potato tossed in our signature chili sauce.
Mustang Aloo: $13.99
Potato With skin tossed in our signature Timmur (Sichuan Pepper) Sauce
Batmas Sadeko: $12.99
Green Edamame tossed in our signature chili sauce.
Chicken Lollipop: $15.99
Frenched chicken winglet deep fried and seasoned to your liking.
Chicken Wings: $12.99
Deep fried and tumbled in our secret spice blend.
Himalayan Akabare Chicken Wings (Spicy Hot): $13.99
Deep fried and tumbled in our secret spice with Akabare chili (very Hot) blend.
Turkish Fries: $7.99
Potato fries with Turkish seasoning.
Gobi Manchurian: $14.99
Fresh cauliflower deep fried and sautéed in a sweet and savory sauce.

Chicken Manchurian: $15.99
Fresh chicken deep fried and sautéed in a sweet and savory sauce.
Veggie Spring Roll: $12.99

Honey Baked Yogurt: $5.99
Baked yogurt glazed with honey served with seasonal fruits.

Chai: Free for Dine in (Self service)
Chai: 1.99 (To Go)
Mango Lassi: $3.99
Can Soda: $1.99
Orange Juice: $2.49
Bottled Water: $1.99
Sparkling Water: $2.99


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Sashin Pradhan
Sashin Pradhan
One of the best jhol (soup) Momo in the bay that I’ve tried so far. You will finish all of the jhol (soup)! Their spicy chicken chowmein is also one to mention if you like spicy.
Shantal Jaime Quiroz
Shantal Jaime Quiroz
I love it these place!!!
Sandeep Iyer
Sandeep Iyer
My favorite place for Momos. I love their jhol momos. Cannot have enough of it. Momos are freshly made and the jhol is delicious. The Momos are Juicy and mouthwatering. You need to go there if you love momos. Their service is great as well. You should meet Bhakta sir and Raja sir and say hi to them. You also get delicious tea all day free. Icing on top of the cake. Remind me of my Nepal days in Kathmandu.
Anand J
Anand J
Tasty food with a lot of healthy options. I love their steamed momos and fish sekuwa. I also like the sizzler momos. Amazing service. The owners and staff always make me and my family feel welcome.
Grigorii Milevskii
Grigorii Milevskii
Прекрасное место - вкусная еда, утилитарный интерьер, крайне приветливый персонал, с юмором, с шутками.
Aesthetic lover
Aesthetic lover
Really enjoyed the place . Great food and service.